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Since 1996 Facile Media has been specializing in publishing motorhome guides. Over the past 20 years, there have been significant developements in the field of motorhome stopovers. 

The number of motorhomes in Europe has grown to over 1,6 million. An impressive number! The necessity of controlled opportunities for motorhome travel has become increasingly important as a result. Facile Media maps these opportunities. 

The database for motorhome stopovers are kept up to date in a professional manner. The data is published in 5 publications. 

Facile-en-Route Campergids Europa (Dutch)
Motorhome Guide Camperstop Europe (English)
Reisemobil Stellplätze in Europa (German)
Aires Camping-Car en Europe (French)
Guida Camper Europa (Italian)



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Target Group

The target group is European motorhome users in general. The group of motorhome travellers consist mainly of active elderly couples, who have the freedom of traveling several times a year. They use our guides at home preparing the trips as well as during the trip itselfs. In general they buy a new guide every two years. 



 For distribution of the guides we work with major parties in Europe. This collaboration ensures an optimum distribution area. The guides can be purchased in Europe at bookstores, camping accessory shops and motorhome dealers, hypermarkets, department stores etc. Furthermore, guides are available at the most important European webshops as,,, and