Anne van den Dobbelsteen founded the publishing house Facile Media in 1996. Previously she ran a travel agency for French campsites, at that time there was no internet and she had to pass all the campsites to maintain the contacts. For this purpose a motorhome was purchased, but where could you at that time tap and discharge water or clean the chemical toilet? There were service points, but there was no guide or information point in which they were described. So she decided to make this herself. Initially, the guide was published in Dutch and a multi-language guide, but that has grown since to five separate guides in five languages.


In 2011, Camperreiswinkel.nl was founded to sell other (travel) products such as motorhome guides, travel guides, road maps and atlases and datasets for satnav systems, in addition to their own guide.


2014 was a very innovative year for Facile Media. In 2014, Camperwereld.eu was introduced, allowing people to consult information about the camperstops online and plan their own routes. The Camperstop-App was also launched in the year. This app is also available in 5 languages. With this mobile application, campers could also consult the camperstops on their phone or tablet.


The company is originally a home-grown company, but from 2015 the company was housed in an office building in Oss. In total Facile Media would settle here for 3 years.


Since January 1, 2018, Facile Media is based in Tilburg. In May of that year, Facile Media will launch a new series of motorhome guides called CamperStops On the Road (in Dutch language). The first edition of this series contains all free motorhome stopovers throughout France. With this special edition, Facile Media responds more to the demand from the market.


Camperwereld.eu, it's being turned into Camperstop.com. Following the guides and the app, the website is now available in 5 languages. The second edition of the guide 'camperstops on the road' series is a fact. This edition contains all camper stopovers that are equipped with shower and toilet.


The Facile-en-Route Campergids (Dutch) is published in 3 parts. After years of having published a great guide, in 2020 it was deviated from this "tradition".