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Facile Media has been the specialist & market leader in the field of travel guides and (digital) aids for motorhome tourists (motorhomers) throughout Europe since 1996. With the products and services of Facile Media thousands of motorhome owners are inspired on a daily basis to make many & special motorhome trips.

Motorhome guides

Facile Media has been publishing motorhome guides for decades. These motorhome guides ( 5-language) have long been praised for the complete range of motorhome sites and are used daily by thousands of motorhome owners throughout Europe.

Motorhome guide 5 languages:

• Facile-en-Route Campergids Europa, 27th edition (Dutch);

• Camperstop Europe, 16th edition (English);

• Guida Camper Europa, 14th edition (Italian). 

• Aires Camping-car Europe, 10th edition (French);

• Reisemobilstellplätze Europa, 11th edition (German);

Serie Camperstops Onderweg (only in dutch):

• Camperstops onderweg – Overnachten aan het water;

• Camperstops onderweg – Comfortabel op reis;

• Camperstops onderweg – Overwinteren in de zon; 

• Camperstops onderweg – Luxueus camperen;



Camperstop.com is a 5-language online platform, for and by motorhome owners! With thousands of reviews from (international) motorhomers, you can not only rate your camperstop based on the information provided, but you can also rate your motorhome stopover based on experiences.

Whether you are simply looking for travel inspiration for your next trip, are curious to find out which camperstops are on your route or would like to create your own itinerary. On Camperstop.com start your next camper trip!

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Camperstop com


The Camperstop-App gives you access to the entire database of more than 14,500 camperstops throughout Europe, anytime and anywhere! Detailed information, reviews and navigation options will help you find your next place to stay!

Camperstop-App is a mobile application, available in 5 languages. The Camperstop-App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) and iOs App Stores (Apple).

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