Reach thousands of European motorhomers

If you own a camperstop, you want to reach as many European motorhomers as possible and draw attention to what you have to offer! Good news, at Facile Media you have arrived at the right place! Facile Media has been a leader in Europe in the field of motorhome stopovers for decades, reaches thousands of motorhomers every day and knows the target group like no other!
Free publication

Facile Media publishes your camperstop completely free of charge. Facile Media attaches great importance to the fact that the European motorhomer has a picture as complete as possible of the overnight stays in a particular region.

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Notable publication

Facile Media offers various possibilities to bring your camperstop even better to the attention of the motorhomer. The possibilities are endless and flexible to use, after all, not every motorhome stopover is the same.

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Pass on changes

Has something changed on/around your camperstop? Let us know as soon as possible! This will prevent your guests from being surprised or disappointed. Do you have pictures of your camperstop? Then of course we would like to receive these!

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How can I register my camperstop?

Signing up for your camperstop is very easy. Of course, we would like to receive (& publish) as much information about the motorhome stopover as possible. That is why we would like to receive a registration form as fully completed as possible and some duty-free photos that give a good impression of the camperstop. In order to stand out with the motorhomer, sending in photos is of great importance. Experience shows that camperstops with impression photos are clicked on 80% more often than stopovers without impression photo. After sending us the completed registration form, it will be reviewed and published as soon as possible. If there are still any ambiguities, you will be contacted in advance.



Do you want to stand out even better with thousands of motorhomers? Facile Media offers countless possibilities to bring your camperstop to the attention of the European motorhomers. Do you have specific wishes? Let us know, we'd love to think along with you!
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Where is my camperstop visible after registration?

After registration, we make sure that your camperstop is visible to as many motorhomers as possible throughout Europe. We do this by showing your stopover in our physical motorhome guidesCamperstop-App and In addition to publication in our own products, we also ensure that your camperstop is shown in the ACSI motorhome guides, ACSI-App and Satnav systems of Aguri & Snooper.

By registering your motorhome stopover you reach thousands of potential guests for your camperstop.

Facile Media has been the market leader in motorhome guides since 1997. The motorhome guides are praised for their complete offer and reliability.
Special theme editions are also published with great regularity. 


ACSI motorhome guides + apps

The Camperstop App contains 14,500+ motorhome stopovers throughout Europe. The App (suitable for iOS & Android) has now been downloaded by over 500,000 motorhomers.


Snooper satnav systems is the online platform for motorhomers. On, the camper simply creates his own camper route, reads inspirational articles and finds information about more than 14,500 camperstops.


Aguri satnav systems