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Make your campsite stand out?

With information on more than 13,500 motorhome stopovers throughout Europe, Facile Media offers the European motorhomer a complete range. It is precisely because of the complete offer that motorhomers have been opting for Facile Media products since 1997. But how do you make sure that you, as campsite, stand out among all these thousands of camperstops & campsites and perhaps more importantly: how do you stand out from other camperstops and campsites in your area? ? Facile Media offers a variety of possibilities, both online and offline, and suitable for every budget!

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What opportunities does Facile Media offer to be even more visible to the European motorhomer?

Facile Media offers several possibilities to bring your campsite even better attention to the camper. How about a publication in one of the internationally popular motorhome guides or as 'Recommended Campsite' to be published within the Camperstop-App (+500,000 downloads) or Camperstop.com (+85,000 subscribers)? Or maybe a combination of these? The possibilities to stand out are endless and flexible to use. Not every campsite is the same in terms of size, wishes & marketing budget. This is precisely why Facile Media offers different possibilities, suitable for every wish and budget.


On Camperstop.com we offer advertising space especially for campsites at various (fixed) positions on the website. When the visitor clicks on the ad, it is directed directly to the landing page you want, so you are guaranteed to generate more 'traffic' towards your own website and/or any booking tool. It is possible to deliver an advertisement yourself or have it taken care of by us.

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Motorhome guides

Facile Media has been is releasing motorhome guides for decades. These motorhome guides (4-languages) have long been praised for the complete range of motorhome stopovers. For several years, Facile Media has also offered campsites the opportunity to be named in this motorhome guide as 'Recommended camperstop'. This way you are guaranteed to stand out among thousands of motorhomers throughout Europe.

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The Camperstop-App has now been downloaded more than 500,000 times and is used daily by thousands of motorhomers throughout Europe. Your campsite can be published as 'Popular Campsite' in a prominent location within the Camperstop-App.

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We send newsletters to the European motorhome owners on a regular basis. We would like to offer your campsite the chance to land directly in the mailbox of our 85,000+ newsletter subscribers with an attractive advertising banner / advertorial.

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Why should I make my campsite stand out more?

Thanks to an eye-catching publication, motorhomers will notice your campsite during their search for an overnight location in the region they are at that moment or want to travel to. This way you are immediately part of the decision-making process. By promoting your campsite with beautiful photos, highlights of the stopover and/or region, you make motorhomers more inclined to choose your campsite. After all, they already know what to expect.

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