Generate more attention for your brand!

Do you believe that you have a product or service to offer that fits perfectly with our target group: ''the (European) motorhomer''?

Or are you, as a tourist institute looking for ways to promote your country/region among motorhome tourists?

Then you have arrived at the right place at Facile Media, with its cross-media platform you can reach thousands of European motorhomers in an accessible way. Curious about the possibilities read on!

Facile Media believes that ''collaboration' results in ''strengthening together'.

For example, we like to work together with camping (accessories) shops, motorhome manufacturers/dealers, tourist agencies and other organizations. If you have an idea how we can strengthen each other's brand(s), we would love to hear that and think along with you.

Do you have specific wishes? Please contact us without obligation.

What opportunities do I have to bring my business to the attention of motorhome tourists?

At Facile Media, nothing is too crazy and we like to think along with you. To give you an impression of the possibilities on/around our various channels, we have listed some of the possibilities for you.

Ad banner

On we offer advertising space at various (fixed) positions on the website. When the visitor clicks on the ad, it is directed directly to the landing page you want, so you are guaranteed to generate more 'traffic' towards your own website and brand. It is possible to deliver an advertisement yourself or have it taken care of by us.

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Sponsored content

On a regular basis, blog articles appear on, posts on Camperstop's Facebook page and we send newsletters to thousands of European motorhomers. Would you like us to pay attention to your product, service and/or region? Then we are open to this, as long as we assess that what you want to generate extra attention for suits our target group.

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Professional reviews

As a specialist in the field of motorhomeing, we are of course often on the road and are therefore willing to experience your product, service and/or region for ourselves. Afterwards we write an (honest) blog post about our experiences and share it with our audience. This way we generate attention for your brand in a unique way. We would like to discuss the possibilities and the implementation of such cooperation.

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Motorhome guides

Facile Media has been is releasing motorhome guides for decades. These motorhome guides (5-languages) have long been praised for the complete range of motorhome stopovers and are used by thousands of motorhomers all over Europe. With an advertising page you are guaranteed to get extra attention with the European motorhomer.

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